Project Evalution

This was a good project for me, great game for my first C++ project and was pretty successful compared to my other games, but there were some big issues.

Keeping motivated is hard for me, sinse so many new ideas constantly come into my head and my 'amazing' project slowly becomes a boring and overdone project as it takes shape. This one didn't have super massive goals and didn't try to be super good, so most of the game was completed by the time I didn't want to make anymore.

Another big issue was with the game being released with bugs. The first file released can't even be run on other computers because they lack the files required to open the project, but this was fixed with later updates.

Finally polish was an issue, the game was confusing to start playing sinse the player never really was explicitly told what they have to do, and it is hard to achieve with randomly generated games.

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Amazing game! Thoroughly enjoyed it. absolutely amazing


Don't give up, keep refining and fix your game and make it to the standard that you always wanted. Making game is not a sprint, it's a marathon, but when you reach the finish line, you will feel happy and satisfied, I promise you that.

Thank you! I really want to make a game right now, but am currently working on a project for school. I want to get 1 good but simple idea and stick through with it to the end for my next game.