Update 0.1.2

New update everyone!

This is a pretty good one in my opinion as it adds some good new content to the prototype.

Some of the new features include : 

  • New inventory system with the allowance of using certain items using right click
  • Doors collisions have been fixed
  • A new office room has been added

Finally there is a goal to the game!

You must find the escape teleporter (should require a level 5 keycard to open door to room) and use it to win.

Currently upon winning you will just be closed out of the game, but a win screen is being developed.

I'm going to try and work on adding in a check just in case a room is impossible, and I want to add more rooms that require different level keycards to access.


Burning World Prototype 0.1.2.zip 26 MB
Jun 07, 2018

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