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Expired is a zombie game about shooting zombies. You can buy weapons, build levels but most importantly kill zombies.

The aim of the game is to survive as long as possible with every wave getting harder than the last.


There are many different types of zombies to shoot. A few are :

  • Red explode
  • Blue are fast
  • Yellow shoot your ability down

There are many more too!

Every 5 waves you will encounter a large 'boss' zombie who is very hard to destroy. He can fire missiles and destroy gadgets but when he is killed he awards a lot of money to buy new weapons.


  • Multiple Zombie types
  • Map editor
  • Multiple weapons to purchase in game!
  • Resentless zombies
  • Multiple abilities
  • Weapon file can be altered to create custom moded weapons!

Recently Added :

  • New weapons to unlock through a shop accessed between wave.
  • Balanced money gained to zombie health, meaning you can always have a good weapon, or you can save up for an amazing one.
  • Added in supply drops, which are heavily guarded.
  • Added in new abilities.
  • Fixed bug causing the game to crash on wave 22.
  • Limited the amount of particle effects rendered at once.
  • Limited the max amount of zombies spawned at once.


  • More map assets *
  • More weapons *
  • Buildings *
  • Multiplayer *

* Ready to be played for next update

More information

Published Feb 19, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Shooter, Zombies
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Download the latest version of Expired.

Once you have it, extract it and run either the .jar or the .exe (If it does not work make sure you have the latest version of JAVA installed, I have tested it and it does work)


ExpiredReborn(0.9).zip 83 MB
ExpiredReborn(0.9.1).zip 98 MB